V.Ships Offshore opens new office in Rio de Janeiro


V.Group’s specialist ship management business for the offshore sector, V.Ships Offshore recently welcomed 100 clients to their new office in Rio de Janeiro.

Leo Freitas, General Manager says: “We were the first ship manager to set up in Brazil. Over the past 36 years we have steadily grown our operations in support of the local offshore and shipping industry. These new offices represent the continued investment we are making here to support our clients and our seafarers too.”

The new office provides meeting spaces and a conference room for client and employee events as well as a training room, computer based training area and interview room for seafarers.

“We now employ 43 shore based staff here in Rio,” adds Leo. “This new office environment provides us with a working space for the future and with Macaé being our national oil capital; we were honoured to also be joined at the opening by the Mayor of Macaé – Danilo Funke.”

By Newsroom

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